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which has indicat●ed that stripping police officers of their immunity is a ●non-starter. Asked whether Trump would support the police● reform proposals rolled out by the Democrats, White Hous●e Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said at L

a news briefin●g Monday that the president was "talking through a number● of proposals." Declining to get into the details of the ●president's thinking, McEnany said that "there are some n●on-starters in there, I would say, particularly on the im●munity issue." In addition to banning life-threating poli●ce tactics such as chokeholds and limiting the transfer o9

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  • h●em to build9

    ●f military-grade weaponry to state and local police depar●tments, the Democrat-proposed bill also sought to reform ●the immunity doctrine that shields government officials, ●including police officers, from liabic

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    lity for conduct on ●the job unless they violate "clearly established" constit●utional rights. "We cannot settle for anything less than ●transformative structural change, which is why the Justic●e in Pol6



icing Act will remove barriers to prosecuting pol●ice misconduct and covering damages by addressing the imm●unity doctrine," House Speaker X

Nancy Pelosi said Monday w●hen introducing the bill. Calling for swift action to pas●s the bill, Pelosi said Wednesday after meeting with Phil●onise Floyd prior to the hearing that injustice in the cu●rrent policeu